in Rajahmundry India sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Flat Head Hexagon Socket Locking Screw manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Rajahmundry India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Flat Head Hexagon Socket Locking Screw manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

PersonnelOur income people are effectively educated to accommodate your requests and converse English for your comfort. We have exported our items to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states, Canada, and many others. Services & Top quality controlWe source comprehensive drawings and supply anytime essential.


Excess weight:5g for every piece
EPT Variety: Hexagon head
Thread Kind: Slim
Product Sort: EPTT Screws
Screw Size: fifteen mm
Thread Length:12 mm
Finish: Galvanized
EPTT: Black
Travel Type: Hexagon
Indoor and Out of doors: Indoor and Outside
Self EPTTpping: NO

Screws are EPTTly named wooden screws is the suggestion of the kind of tip, pitch more substantial, EPTTly employed to tighten wood components, plastic elements. EPT screws, is the entrance of the kind of screws, the pitch is little, uniform, EPTTly utilized to fasten the steel, EPTT components.Screw software selection
one gt stainless metal plate, metal plate, galvanized steel plate, engineering installation.
2 gt metallic curtain wall metallic ligEPTT compartment and other indoor and out of doors installation.
three gt EPTT angle steel, channel steel, iron plate and other metallic supplies blended set up.
4 gt automobile trunk, container box, shipbuilding, EPT equipment and other assembly functions.
5 gt car engine, heavy EPTTry, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.den EPTTry, petrochemical.
6 gt aerospace, energy, EPTTry, chemical, army, metallurgy, mold, EPT.
seven gt motorcycles, athletics tools, automobiles and many other EPTT.
8 gt electronics, EPT EPTs, motors, lighting, communications, house EPTs, household furniture.

Our firm has a powerful production potential,we sale specialist fastener and fittings.Our products meets the international good quality program,this sort of as EPTT and BS. We supply the high high quality and professional fastener for design metal, vehicle, EPTTry and gear, power,household furniture, ship, railway and so on. In the EPTT creation approach, We have professional engineers to monitor the top quality,we can ensure the quality of our product.We are dedicated to repeatedly enhancement and innovation, to meet customer specifications, And perform intently with our companions to provide qualified parts, competitive rates and best provider to each and every consumer. We would like to thank you for your curiosity in our business and hope that our web site will aid you. If you require much more data, please contact our product sales department.
Screw,bolt,nut,company/provider in china,supplying carbon metal hexagonal head merged assembly screws for supporter components,Non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd slotted fillster screw for developing,non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd slotted fillster screw and so on.

If you are intrigued in any of our merchandise, you should cost-free truly feel to contact us. Much more info of our merchandise will be EPTTed to you on receipt of your distinct inquiry.

Screw global stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd
1 DIN1 ISO2339 GB117 EPTTr pins
two DIN7 ISO2338 GB119-86 pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel pins
3 DIN84 ISO1207 GB65-85 slotted cheese head screws
four DIN85 ISO1580 GB67-85 slotted pan head screws
five DIN93 GB854 tab washers
six DIN94 ISO1234 GB91 split cotter pins
seven DIN95 GB101 slotted raised csk head wooden screws
eight DIN96 GB99 slotted round head wood screws
nine DIN97 GB100 slotted countersunk head wood screws
10 DIN125-A ISO708 basic washers
eleven DIN125-B ISO7090 GB97.two-eighty five mediun washers
twelve DIN126 ISO7091 simple washers
13 DIN127-A GB7244 EPT lock washers,tang ends
fourteen DIN127-B GB93-87 EPT lock washers,sq. ends
fifteen DIN128-A GB7245-87 one coil EPT lock washers
sixteen DIN137-A curved EPT washers
17 DIN137-B GB955 wave EPT washers
18 DIN186 GB37-88 t-head bolts with sq. neck
19 DIN188 t-head bols with double nip
twenty DIN258 ISO8737 EPTTr pins with threaded stop
21 DIN261 t-head bolts
22 DIN315AF wing nuts amercia form
23 DIN315DF GB62-88 wing nuts germany type
24 DIN316AF wing screws amercia sort
twenty five DIN317DF wing screws germany type
26 DIN3179 ball knobs
27 DIN404 GB832-88 slotted capstan screws
28 DIN417 ISO7435 GB75-85 soltted set screws with total canine point
29 DIN427 ISO2342 GB73-85 slotted established screws with chamfered end
30 DIN431 GB808-88 pipe nuts with thread
31 DIN432 GB856-88 external tap
32 DIN433 ISO7092 GB848-ninety five washers for cheese head screws
33 DIN434 GB852-88 square EPTTr washers for u-EPTs
34 DIN435 GB852-88 sq. EPTTr washers for i-EPTs
35 DIN436 sq. washers
36 DIN438 ISO7436 GB74-85 soltted established with cup point
37 DIN439 ISO4035 GB6172-86 hexagon thin nuts
38 DIN439 ISO8675 GB6173-86 hexagon slender nuts
39 DIN440 ISO7094 rounds washers for wooden constructions
forty DIN443 sealing cap, push-in type
41 DIN444 GB798-88 eye bolts form
42 DIN462 interior tab washers
43 DIN463 GB855-88 washers with two taps
forty four DIN464 GB834-88 knurled thumb screws with collar
45 DIN465 slotted knurled thumb screws with collar
forty six DIN466 GB806-88 knurled thumb nuts with collar
47 DIN467 GB807-88 knurled thumb slender nuts
48 DIN470 sealing washers
49 DIN471 reXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. rings for shafts(exterior),circlips
fifty DIN472 reXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. rings for bores(interior),circlips
fifty one DIN478 square head bolts with collar
fifty two DIN479 square hea bolts with half dog position
53 DIN480 sq. head bolts with collar,50 percent puppy level and rounded stop
54 DIN508 t-slot nutsiso299
55 DIN525 solitary end studs
fifty six DIN529 GB799-88 masonry bolts
fifty seven DIN546 GB817-seventy six slotted spherical nuts
fifty eight DIN547 GB815-88 spherical nuts with drilled holes in one particular face
59 DIN551 ISO4776 GB73-eighty five slotted sit screws with flat level
sixty DIN553 ISO7434 GB71-eighty five slotted set screws with cone level
sixty one DIN555 ISO4034 hexagon nuts
sixty two DIN557 GB39-88 -csquare nuts
63 DIN558 ISO4018 hexagon screws
sixty four DIN561 hexagon established screws with full puppy point
sixty five DIN52 bsquare nuts with out EPTTl(pressed nuts)
66 DIN571 GB102-86 hexagon head wood screws (coach screws)
67 DIN580 ISO3266 GB825-76 lifting eye bolts
68 DIN582 lifting eye nuts
69 DIN601 ISO4016 hexagon bolts
70 DIN603 ISO8677 GB14-88 mushroom head sq. neck bolts (carriage bolts)
71 DIN604 flat countersunk nib bolts
72 DIN605 flat countersunk EPTT square neck bolts
seventy three DIN607 cup head nib bolts
74 DIN607 flat countersunk shout square neck bolts
seventy five DIN609 hexagon equipped bolts,EPTT thread
76 DIN610 hexagon equipped bolts,short thread
seventy seven DIN653 GB835-88 knurled thumb screws slim sort
seventy eight DIN660 ISO1051 GB867-86 spherical head rivets
seventy nine DIN661 ISO1051 GB869-86 contersunk head rivets
80 DIN662 ISO1051 lifted contersunk head rivets
eighty one DIN674 ISO1051 mushroom head rivets
eighty two DIN703 changing rings,large variety (shafting collars)
eighty three DIN705 GB816-88 adjusting rings,light-weight assortment(shafting collars)
84 DIN741 wire rope clips
85 DIN787T ISO299 t-slot screws
86 DIN835 GB900-88 studs-steel(conclude=2d)
87 DIN906 hexagon socket pipe plugs,conical thread
88 DIN908 hexagon socket screw plugs,cyl.thread
89 DIN909 hexagon head pipe plugs,conical thread
ninety DIN910 hexagon head screw plugs,cyl.thread
91 DIN911 ISO2936 socket wrenches
92 DIN912 ISO4762 GB70-eighty five hexagon socket cap screws
93 DIN913 ISO4026 GB77-85 hexagon socket established screws with flat piont
ninety four DIN914 ISO4571 GB78-eighty five hexagon socket established screws with cone position
ninety five DIN915 ISO4571 GB79-85 hexagon socket set screws with pet point
96 DIN916 ISO4571 GB80-eighty five hexagon socket set screws with cup level
ninety seven DIN917 hexagon cap nuts
ninety eight DIN920 slotted short cheese head screws
ninety nine DIN921 GB838-88 slotted huge cheese head screws
a hundred DIN923 GB830-88 slotted pan head screws with shoulder
one hundred and one DIN927 slotted shoulder screws
102 DIN928 GB/T13680-ninety two sq. weld nuts
103 DIN929 GB/T13681-92 hexagon weld nuts
104 DIN931 ISO4014 GB5782-86 hexagon head screws
a hundred and five DIN933 ISO4017 GB5783-86 hexagon head screws
106 DIN934 ISO4032 GB6170-86 hexagon complete nuts
107 DIN934 ISO8673 GB6171-86 hexagon total nuts
108 DIN935 ISO7035 GB6178-86 hexagon slotted and castle nuts
109 DIN936 ISO4035 hexagon slim nuts
a hundred and ten DIN937 ISO7038 GB6181-86 hexagon thin slotted and castle nuts
111 DIN938 GB897-88 studs metal(edn=1d)
112 DIN939 GB898-88 studs metallic (finish=1.25d)
113 DIN940 studs steel (end=1.5d)
114 DIN960 ISO8765 GB5785-86 hexagon head bolts,metric fine pitch thread
one hundred fifteen DIN961 ISO8676 GB5786-86 hexagon head bolts ,metric fantastic pitch thread
116 DIN962 additional styles and variations for bolts
117 DIN963 ISO2009 GB68-85 slotted countersunk head screws
118 DIN964 ISO2571 GB69-eighty five slotted raised countersunk oval head screws
119 DIN965 ISO7046 GB819-eighty five cross recessed countersunk head screws
120 DIN966 ISO7047 GB820-eighty five cross recessed elevated countersunk head screws
121 DIN970 hexagon nuts kind-one
122 DIN971 hexagon nuts sort-two
123 DIN972 ISO8674 GB6176-86 hexagon nuts with fine thread
124 DIN975 GB15389-ninety four threaded rods(studdings_
a hundred twenty five DIN976 threaded pins(stud bolts)
126 DIN979 hexagono thin slotted and castle nuts
127 DIN980 ISO7199 GB6184-86 prevailling torque type hexagon nuts,all metall nuts
128 DIN981 ISO2982 GB812-88 locknuts
129 DIN982 ISO7040 GB889.1-86 prevailling torque sort hexagon nuts,weighty kind,with EPT insert
130 DIN985 ISO1571 GB6172.two-86 prevailling torque sort hexagon nuts,hefty variety,with nyllon insert
131 DIN986 prevailling torque typedomed capnuts with nyEPTT insert
132 DIN988 shim rings
133 DIN1052 washers for timber connectors
134 DIN1151 round basic head nails
a hundred thirty five DIN1440 ISO8738 plain washers for clevis pins(a)
136 DIN1441 plain washers for clevis pins
137 DIN1444 ISO2341 clevis pins with head
138 DIN1471 ISO8744 GB/T13829.two grooved pins,EPTTr grooved
139 DIN1472 ISO8745 GB/T13829.two grooved pins,EPTTr grooved 50 % duration
140 DIN1473 ISO8740 grooved pins,pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel grooved total size
141 DIN1474 ISO8741 grooved pins,reserve grooved fifty percent length
142 DIN1475 ISO8742 grooved pins,centre grooved
143 DIN1476 ISO8746 GB/T13829.three grooved pins with spherical head
a hundred and forty four DIN1477 ISO8747 grooved pins with countersunk head
one hundred forty five DIN1479 turnuckles(centre areas),produced out of hexagon bar
146 DIN1480 turnuckles with eye bolt and hook bolt
147 DIN1481 ISO8752 GB879-86 EPT pins,heavy sort
148 DIN1587 GB802-88 hexagon domed cap nuts
149 DIN1804 slotted round nuts for hook spanner
one hundred fifty DIN1816 round nuts with established holes
151 DIN2093 disc EPTs
152 DIN3017 hose clamps
153 DIN3404 lubricating nipples,button head
154 DIN3567 shackles for conduilts
one hundred fifty five DIN3570 stirrup bolts(u-bolts)
156 DIN6319 GB849-88 spherical washers,conical seats
157 DIN6325 ISO8734 pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel pins
158 DIN6330 GB56-88 hexagon nuts,1.5d
159 DIN6331 GB6177-86 hexagon nuts ,1.5d with collor
a hundred and sixty DIN6334 hexagon nuts,3d
161 DIN6797-a GB862.1-87 external teeth lock washers
162 DIN6797-I inside teeth lock washers
163 DIN6798-A GB862.2-87 exterior teeth serrated lock washers
164 DIN6798-I GB861.2-87 inner tooth serrated lock washers
one hundred sixty five DIN6799 GB896-seventy six reXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. rings for shafts(e-rings),circlips
166 DIN6885 ISO773/2491 pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel keys(forma)
167 DIN6888 ISO3912 woodruff deys
168 DIN6899 thimbles
169 DIN6900 GB9074.1-.17 screws and washers assemblies
one hundred seventy DIN6901 GB9074.eighteen-.23 tapping screws and washers assemblies
171 DIN6912 hexagon socket head cap screws with gap,low head
172 DIN6914 hexagon head bolts with large head(friction grip bolts)
173 DIN6915 hexagon nuts with large wideth across flat(friction grip nuts)
174 DIN6916 round washers for friction grip bolts
175 DIN6917 spuare EPTTr washers for friction grip bolts on t-EPTs
176 DIN6923 ISO4161 GB6177-86 hexagon flange nuts
177 DIN6925 ISO7042 prevailing touque variety hexagon nuts,all metallic nuts
178 DIN7337 GB12617/12618 EPTT rivets
179 DIN7338 GB875/975-86 rivets for brake and clutch lining
180 DIN7343 ISO8750 spiral pins
181 DIN7346 ISO13337 EPT pins,light-weight kind
182 DIN7349 washers for bolts with heavy variety EPT pins
183 DIN7500 thread forming screws for iso-metric thread
184 DIN7504 self-drilling tapping screws
185 DIN7513 thread slicing screws
186 DIN7516 thread reducing screws cross recess
187 DIN7965 tee nuts with pronge
188 DIN7968 GB1228/1229/1230 hexagon head equipped bolts for metal buildings
189 DIN7971 ISO1481 GB5282-eighty five pan head tapping screws with slot
a hundred ninety DIN7972 ISO1482 GB5283-eighty five countersunk flat head tapping screws with slot
191 DIN7973 ISO1483 GB5284-85 raised countersunk oval head tapping screws with slot
192 DIN7976 ISO1479 GB5285-eighty five hexagon tapping screws
193 DIN7980 ISO8738 EPT lock washers for screws with cylindrical heads
194 DIN7981 ISO7049 GB845-eighty five pan head tapping screws with cross recessed
195 DIN7982 ISO7050 GB846-eighty five countersunk flat head tapping screws with cross recessed
196 DIN7983 ISO7051 GB847-86 lifted countersunk oval head tapping screws with cross recessed
197 DIN7984 hexagon scocket head cap screws with,diminished head
198 DIN7985 ISO7045 GB818-eighty five pan head screws with cross recessed
199 DIN7989 GB1230-84 washers for metal structures
200 DIN7990 GB1229-84 hexagon head bolts for metal buildings
201 DIN7991 ISO10642 hexagon socket countersunk head screws
202 DIN7993 GB895.2-86 roundwire snap rings for shafts
203 DIN7995 BG952-86 cross recessed lifted countersunk head wood screws
204 DIN7996 BG950-86 cross recessed round head wooden screws
205 DIN7997 GB951-86 cross recessed countersunk head wood screws
206 DIN8140 ciol inserts,coarse,good thread,silf locking
207 DIN9571 ISO7093 GB96-eighty five washers,exterior diameter appro.3d
208 DIN11571 EPT cotter for a bolt
209 DIN13257 belting bolts (elevator bolts)
210 DIN18182 dry wall screws
211 DIN28129 GB63-88 lifting nuts(eye nuts)
212 DIN70952 GB858-88 tab washers for slotted round nuts

one) Q:What’s your item variety?
A: Our solution variety incEPTTs screws, nuts, knobs, bolts, washers, rivet, anchor and CNC areas. We strictly apply a variety of good quality stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds like GB, ISO, DIN, JIS, AISI NFE and BSW.Non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd merchandise also acknowledged.

2)Q:Are you a EPT company or a EPT?
A: We are an Industry ampEPT EPTT .

three) Q:Why must I choose you? What’s your advantages? EPTT you are serving?
A: We are a specialist company and have 9 years production and administration expertise in the area of fasteners .
We can provide our clients with a great answer in the region of production layout, creation approach,EPTT and following-sale service.Buyer gratification is our sole pursuit.

4) Q:Which business area are your product is suited utilized in ?
A:Our merchandise are broadly use in EPTT assembling, electronics, constructional engineering furnishings cupboards, and so on.

Client Service
middot 1. Nicely qualified and knowledgeable staffs at your services.
middot two. Quick direct time.
middot 3. Global stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd matched
middot four. Non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd / stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd / OEM / ODM / EPT services offered.
middot 5. Modest EPTtity accessible.
middot 6. Designed in accordance with customers’ ask for.
middot seven. Packed and shipped by customers’ necessity.

Any far more concerns or demands, pls come to feel totally free to make contact with me!

  in Rajahmundry India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Flat Head Hexagon Socket Locking Screw manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Rajahmundry India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Flat Head Hexagon Socket Locking Screw manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler